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The prevalence of precious metal technologies in the construction of molecular complexity from simple feedstock units remains a major challenge in modern chemistry. Therefore, our research aims to unlock new reactivity paradigms for chemical synthesis, leveraging abundant metals and resources and enable access to complex molecular frameworks. 

Our research consists of three complementary pillars: 

(1) Tetrylene Catalysis     (2) Arene Activation Catalysis     (3) Photocatalysis

Research Logo

With a fascination for trends in the periodic table and a deep mechanstic understanding, the research in our group happens at the interface of organic, inorganic and physical chemistry. Innovative designs of new catalysts for organic synthesis, the development of novel reaction platforms and the thorough investigation of underlying mechanistic processes are at the heart of our research endeavor.

If you want to learn more, contact Tobi or just stop by the lab!

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